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My name is Brian a.k.a. Nose Knows No Notes. I began my fragrance journey in the Summer of 2019 and I’ve been sharing my experiences with fragrances on an almost-daily basis since. I’ve mostly been active on Instagram before and launched NoseFragrances.com in 2022.


This is a one-man-operation, so filling the database with fragrances takes a long time. New fragrances are being added daily, starting with the more popular brands, but keep in mind that it will take at least the remainder of 2023 to build a good database for all the listed brands. When that’s completed, it will make more sense to add other functionalities. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy exploring the fragrances that are already in the database.


This websites enables looking up specific reviews or brands and it serves as a back-up for the content on my Instagram page. Every fragrance reviewed on the site has been worn on skin at least once for multiple hours; varying from a full review to a first impression after one wearing (sometimes sampled alongside other fragrances).

Users can add their own reviews in the comment section, so over time I hope you will find more insight on all the pages and the distinction to highlight pages with my reviews will disappear.


You can register an account on the website. This enables you to stay logged in and share thoughts on fragrances in the comments under your own name. On the PROFILE tab in the menu, you can change your username or profile photo, which will be displayed in the comments.  Registered users can ‘bookmark’ fragrances to come back to later. More functionality for registered users will be added in the future.


Use the BRANDS page to navigate to a alphabetized list of all the fragrances from a specific brand (this database is not complete yet, but is constantly getting expanded).

Use the LATEST REVIEWS page for a highlight of the latest added reviews. Site wide, fragrances marked with🔺have a review written by me. The other fragrances will show the general info that’s available.

Use the NEW RELEASES page for a highlight of (popular) new releases that were added to the site.


The fragrance titles are formatted with the following rules to help differentiate multiple versions of a fragrance:

– Concentration is mentioned when there are multiple versions.

– Significant re-releases (reformulations) have separate listings with different years. In some cases, a timeline of the different releases is explained in the general info text.

– Flankers have their own title. Special edition bottles are between comma’s, eg: ‘Fragrance Name Deluxe’ is a new fragrance/flanker, while ‘Fragrance Name (Deluxe)’ is a special edition bottle filled with an already existing fragrance. In the ‘Info’ section the content of the special bottle is referenced.


Use my experiences as a means of exploration. If possible, make sure to sample and smell fragrances on your own skin. None of the reviews on the site are meant as a sales pitch. If a fragrance was gifted to me by a brand, distributor or store, it is always stated above the review. However, in no instance do I receive a commission on sales, nor is the content ever dictated or pre-approved by a brand.


Nose Fragrances uses externally sourced thumbnails. Please use the contact options below if you are a copyright holder and want a thumbnail removed from the website.

Other photography on this website that is done by me is copyright protected. Please use the contact options below if you are interested in the photos for personal -or business use.


Please use the contact options below to inquire about a PR collaboration (for both Instagram and NoseFragrances.com) or a commissioned photo shoot for your brand or product. As of now, the website and app are advertisement free, but placements might be possible in the future, so feel free to contact to discuss options.


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