*Albho- (2013) • SULEKO🔺

*Albho- (2013) • SULEKO🔺, Nose Fragrances



Cecile Zarokian

pine wood
guaiac wood
tolu balsam

‘As if transported to a distant country beyond the mountains, where the sky is always pure, an icy freshness of mint and eucalyptus takes hold of you. The atmosphere is one of icy purity.
Traversing the immensity of the forest, a woody scent takes you to the highest treetops. The spicy freshness of pine, the dry hardness of cedar and the smoky finish of guaiac wood open you to unexplored horizons.
Majestic and powerful, you smell the distant scent of balsams, benzoin, tolu balm, labdanum. These warm and suave resins portend the presence of a life being created. And you know that, in the same way the snow covers the earth, cradle of life, the swan’s plumage is hiding a living thing. The swan is a being coming into life. It metamorphoses itself, hidden from all eyes, far away through forests and over mountains, in the most complete tranquillity. It is focusing on the essential – seeking harmony and inner peace.’ – Suleko


As with the others, an excellent brand’s description that fits the mood of the scent very well.

This fragrance starts off on the cooler side. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that it smells like mint to me, but more on the fresh, watery side, like freesia and that metallic, ink-like water note that we get quite often in fragrances.

It smells slightly of liquorice to me, but in a fresh way. You can also picture the crisp, cold woody notes.

It does warm up, but the ambery base doesn’t fully overtake and certainly not in the first hours. It’s an interesting balance of warm and cold with a spicy overlay.

As with Baba Yaga I’m reminded of walking through a (Winter) forest, but *Albho- is a lot ligther and calmer.

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