Louis (2021) • THE ZOO🔺

Louis (2021) • THE ZOO🔺, NoseFragrances



Christophe Laudamiel

orange blossom
white musk
orris concrete
fir balsam

‘A pleasant watery “masculine” freshness with superfluid cardamom supported by only a touch of clove, cumin and orange flower. Sheer white musks and heaps of French sage softened with 1.8% (that’s a lot!!) of 100% pure orris concrete. To top it off, a dash of fir balsam, clear galbanum and a sprinkle of American absinthe.’ – The Zoo


A sample for Louis randomly came into my possession. A scent that I would otherwise not likely seek out, so it was interesting to give it a try. This is for the version labeled 2021; I’m not sure if it differs at all from Louis (2016).

Louis has the quirky juxtaposition between fresh and sweaty. On one hand, this reminds me of a 90’s men’s cologne with the ‘out of the shower, but heavy’ side, but on the other hand, the cumin here is quite noticeable.

The best and worst thing that I can say about Louis is that it definitely reminds me of my father.

There’s a lot of depth to this. In its commercial, there would be chest hair, as opposed to your slick Acqua Di Gio styling. Green, aromatic, spicy. A body odor cumin with some acidity, but just balanced enough to not feel dirty. Yet, if you’re afraid of smelling sweaty, Louis won’t be a safe pick, if an option at all.

Perhaps most surprising to me is it’s powdery core. The iris and spices turn what I thought to be a shower-gel-esque experience into a drier, powdered texture.

As someone who’s not the biggest fan of cumin, cardamom, clove, or green, or ‘shower’ colognes… there was still enough intrigue in Louis. It wouldn’t cross my mind to buy or wear this type of fragrance for myself, but when wearing it, I kept smelling my wrist. As many know, there’s something in that sweaty tinge that has an unlikely appeal and that’s what Louis captures in a more classy way than most cumin-heavy releases.

Louis (2021) • THE ZOO🔺, NoseFragrances
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