MY WAY PARFUM (2023) • ARMANI🔺, Nose Fragrances



Orange Blossom
Bitter Orange
Calabrian bergamot
Iris Pallida
Indian Tuberose
White Musk
Bourbon Vanilla


My Way Parfum has potential to be one of my favorite designer releases of 2023. I should probably revisit and smell the other My Way fragrances, but I don’t remember them being nearly this good. If you’re an iris lover, keep on reading.

My Way Parfum opens with a really strong noticeable iris straight away. It’s a rather thick, cloudy iris, mixed with a great citrus to cut through it. I love the citrus in the opening hours (it lasts quite long), which is keeping this from being a, still nice, but generic, iris scent. I get the listed bitter orange and orange blossom, not the bergamot.

The citrus and sweetness feel candied, very sour. Like this candy powder dips that will make your face twist. It exudes a vibrant, fun vibe.

Candy type sweetness, that surprisingly doesn’t go overly vanillic and definitely never gets cloying for me; it keeps the focus on the iris enough.

I feel that the base can come across a bit cardboard like, but I actually quite like it. It adds some soberness to the candy festival and pulls it back in enough to not make it a juvenile scent. Musk and cedarwood are listed notes and you can pretty much imagine that combo to get a ‘crisp’, thin and minimalistic base. Definitely comes across as cashmeran to my nose as well.

Only citrus is listed, but in the mid of the wear it feels rather fruity overall. There have been a couple of moments where I felt it may be a bit too fruity for my taste, but those doubts were short-lived, as the powdery nature and ‘cardboard’ reign it in.

It leans traditionally feminine on the iris spectrum, but still not as much as some softer and more floral iris scents. I think it leans youthful though, which is often a dealbreaker for me, but in this case, it works.

The retail price for a designer parfum flanker like this has become ridiculous, but if you find a good deal or opt for the refill, I think this will bring many iris lovers joy.

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