Vy Roza (2013) • SULEKO🔺

Vy Roza (2013) • SULEKO🔺, Nose Fragrances

Vy Roza


Cecile Zarokian

green notes
lily of the valley

On a beautiful spring day, the smell of fresh grass leads you through the park. It is so lovely to walk in a light dress through nature awakening. The dew, which has just evaporated in the first rays of the sun, carries the soft, fresh smell of lilac and lily of the valley. Suddenly, you are overwhelmed by the captivating smell of a rose – voluptuous, fruity, radiant. You feel reborn, more beautiful, younger, happier, exhilarated by this beautiful rose which, still fresh from the morning dew, opens gradually in the warmth and light of the sun, like love which awakens and envelops you in softness and voluptuousness.’ – Suleko


The brand’s description above nails it for Vy Roza for me. Between Baby Yaga, Djelem, *Albho and this, Vy Roza is the most easy going and most traditionally feminine leaning fragrance.

As the name suggests, this is a rose fragrance and there’s a soft, petal-like rose front and center. It’s aided by a almost creamy, lactonic fruitiness.

There’s something serene about Vy Roza. The fruitiness is a like a peach yoghurt and it has a sugary tinge as well, but it’s subtle and kept mature with the dewy green tones. At moments of the wear, it reminds me of Les Eaux Primordiales Superose, but a lot more subtle. Generally speaking, it stays floral more than anything and it’s quite lovely.

Definitely one that I would prefer on a woman, but really well-done.

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